Hello ,

I am recently looking for Schematic & Diagram of the PS3 power supply.

It is for a project call "ATX to PS3".

I am working on a PS3 60giga (jap) That checked Ylod (yellow lead of death) . After removing the Old Power supply from the ps3 for a new (used from a 80 giga) the PS3 60 giga Worked again.
Ylod ( as you already knew) can be caused by a full hardware failure, Over heat (mostly because the termal paste are dry out and dosn't conduct the heat anymore ects...) as it can be simply the power supply that not meet the ps3 power needs.

Right now , all over the net , one of the most successful way to recover from a Ylod are to find a new power supply , But here again my project aren't about the Ylod but simply successfully power up the ps3 with a ATX PC power supply.

Nothing are impossible , I have personally (with the help of a bunch of happy engineers) powered a PS2 with a Pc Power supply ( 250 Watt ) some years ago... purpose was to see if Games , Specially 3d game like Armored core 2 and some others will still lag at some point of the game. Lag aren't always related of High heat of the GPU/CPU or bad loading time . Anyway PS2 powered up and mostly Gained speed in all Games.

I have a Nexus NX-5000, 500 Watt PSU Ready for the task .

I have nothing to loose and i am asking nothing in exchange just some little help ( schematic and so on , power out of each electric connection from the power supply to the main board) it will save me lots of time. Looking for it all over the net and find nothing through.

I would like to apologize for this First and long post , but i would like to make sure Who ever will answer are understanding my request .

If successful : I will release a "HOW TOO ..." Guide for those that would like to experience OR to save some money and obviously some PS3's Live .

Thank you in advance

PM me or Post all the stuff you may think it can be useful.