Hi, I have a ps3 slim Cech 2012A and it have a problem with the CPU Heat Sensor.
When I turn on the ps3, on the multimann says 80șC and the RSX is on 35șC
In less than 5 minutes it says it's overheat and turn off. No YLOD.
I have recently got to a tech to clean and put Artic 5 thermal paste.
And the problem persists.
The tech said that should be a problem with the heat sensor and a reballing could solve the problem.
Reballing here is not trustfull and I want to know if there's some way to turn off the heat sensor by software, some pkg to just turn off the CPU sensor.
The temperature with an external sensor is about 40șC and with the internal sensor is 80șC
If it turn it off and I already use a pkg for the cooler it will be playable again.
Someone can help me?