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Thread: ps3 jailbreak?

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    I have a hacked psp and, i have a ps3
    v3.41 and i would like to jailbreak it so it can play homebrew. But ....

    I 2 days fallout: new vegas comes out and i
    preordered it so i get the extra stuff,

    I am pretty sure a game so new would force an update before play!!
    And i really wanted to play this game,

    What should i do?
    Is there any way around the update procedure?

    Also is there any free ps3 jailbreak options, 'cause i
    have nothing that will use psjailbreal | psgroove.

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    It might not have an update on it. Depends when it was finished and went gold. You won't be able to get anything from PSN for pre-ordering it though.

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