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Thread: BIOS reset???

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    Default Ps4 idu, kiosk unit

    Quote Originally Posted by Powerslave View Post
    NO, you cannot reset it, AT ALL. You only have access to the first 16MB of the nand, of any size. The rest is locked. Second of all, there is no benefit in resetting it, it doesn't work like a PC BIOS does. All memory locations and detections of hardware, and their memory locations for PS3 are expected, not detected and allocated. When you reset a BIOS in a PC, it resets the date and time to a default, re-detects the hardware, and basically tells the O/S where they are. You cannot add memory to the PS3, you cannot add a video card... All you can REPLACE is the HDD, and the PS3 automatically does all that for you.

    So for this reason, there is no need to reset a BIOS in the PS3. It will not allow you to downgrade firmware, because the BR-D would mismatch. There is absolutely no reason you would need to reset the BIOS.

    If you are messing with dev-flash, using dev-blind or other mounter, and you mess it up? There is no going back, and resetting, PERIOD. You can read up on how infectus works with the PS3 NAND. It's useless now, that's why you are not hearing about it.

    I read elsewhere that there is a BIOS type battery connected with a two pin connector to the Board, remove the connector, you will notice there are actually 4 pins, turn the battery connector around and connect to the other two pins. This resets the system BIOS to default. Reconnect the battery, put it back together and your system will boot as if you just took it out of the box on the day you bought it, except with the latest firmware you updated it to. Doing this from the RECOVERY menu, a full system format, will basically do the same thing, except will wipe out your HDD contents.
    Hello, I found interesting what you said about the baterry.
    I have this problem and I hope you can help me with it....
    I just buy a PS4 IDU or Kiosk unit. The thing is that I want to take out the limitations the unit have. This PS is the same that other hardware talking, but have a soft block that I dont where to reset it... I reinstall the firmware in safe mode but still bad....
    The thing is if you know if I can Revert this by tuching the NAND or disconecting the ¨mother¨batery...
    I hope first that you still alive (this post is too old...) and if you are alive I hope you can Help me!
    Pease and good winds

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