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Thread: problems with managers

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    Exclamation problems with managers

    I don't know what i did but Multiman stopped working on my system... I was in multiman, there was no disc inside my ps3, then I did inserted but before the disc get totally pushed i removed it... then I noticed that the GAME tab in multiman was removed, turned off my system (40gb fat) restarted, then started multiman, before anything it closes and says:

    Game Quit: No Request Event (that with REBUG, while using kmeaw it just kicked me out to XMB without errors)

    my games (discs) runs fine via XMB, but multiman doesn't even starts now... i was using kmeaw, then i installed rebug to see if it could fix, but no luck... i don't think is my drive since it runs fine all my disc games...

    anyway, found this

    Concern Identification Question 5: Sony Compliance Question

    You are testing a title on a PlayStation®3 system, while watching the introduction video you eject the titles disc, and notice a system message that says:

    “Game Quit: No Request Event”

    After 10 seconds the system returns to the XMB™ normally.

    [R076] The title handles the game termination request event notified by the system and carries out termination processing in the correct method.

    Explanation: When the user carries out one of the following operations, the game termination request event (CELL_SYSUTIL_REQUEST_EXITGAME) will be notified to the application.

    • The user presses the PS button of the controller and selects "Quit Game" or "Turn Off the System"
    • The user presses the power button of the PlayStation®3 console to turn the power off
    • The user ejects the disc (disc boot games only)
    • The user selects game termination in an error dialog displayed by a system utility
    • The user selects OK in the System Software update dialog when a new patch is released
    • The user receives a game boot message from another application and boot that game

    In addition to the above, the game termination request event will also be generated when the application starts store browsing using an NP IN-GAME commerce 2 utility API, or when the application calls the full browser using a web browser utility API. When the application receives this game termination request event, carry out termination processing immediately, even if data is being loaded or a movie is being played back. If writing to a file (such as when updating save data), it is permitted to delay the termination processing until the file operations complete. Even in such cases, however, termination processing must be executed within approximately 10 seconds.

    Based on the system message and the actual TRC, how would you describe this issue in your report?
    Please consider carefully all the information provided before writing your answer.
    • The user ejects the disc (disc boot games only)

    that one, maybe my system thinks that the disc was ejected after I pushed it back... even after i put it back... dunno how can i fix this :/

    ps: this error happens with disc and with no disc inside... don't understand, it's just the managers that are giving me this error, other homebrews i have works fine, and of course my game discs.


    ok, something strange

    i've downloaded hermes manager 1.5 and started then got the following error

    Invalid payload or payload locked.

    what it can be? is there a way to "reset" a payload?

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    Nope. You are out of luck

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