Hello guys.

I`m a web designer by profession and a passionate game developer by hobby. I am studying Unreal Engine 3 (UDK). As I always dreamed to develop games for PS3 Console, i made some google search and was able to find the PS3 Full SDK 3.70. I downloaded, installed it, tested some sdk samples that come with the PS3 SDK (they are visual studio 2008 project solutions). And i was even able to run these samples into my PS3 Super Slim 12 GB with Cobra ODE installed. It was not that hard, i just had to get the .self and .elf files, also the folders, organize them into a dev folder, created a package for them (google search tutorial on how to make package files from the SDK Samples), and then by reading the Cobra ODE manual, i was able to convert these packages into valid Cobra ODE ISO, so it run fine on my PS3 using the Cobra Manager. I was very, very happy! Then after another google search, i was able to find and downloaded the Full Source Code for Unreal Engine 3 2011 build. And the most amazing thing is that it came with all the C++ files and headers for compiling and running Unreal Engine 3 in PS3 and XBOX360!

But so long as i don`t understand C++ programming, i am finding a bit of hardship on putting this "shit" to work, and because this i came here ask the folks some help. I know how to compile the Unreal Engine 3 Source Code, i have done it for the 2004 build of UE3. It`s just a matter of following the exact steps, which first of all is to have on each game folder (UTGame, DemoGame and WarGame) two empty folders called Script and Logs. Then you build the Visual Studio 2008 Solution, then you will have the *.exe files into the Binaries folder of Unreal Engine 3, then you just run each executable file with the argument "-make -full" to create the unreal scripts to run the game. Then you run each executable with the argument "editor" so then you will be able to open the unreal editor for each game, make maps, run tests, and so on.

As for consoles PS3 and XBOX360, you have a Visual C++ Project called UTGame PS3, UTGame XBOX, ExampleGame PS3, ExampleGame XBOX, UDK Game PS3, UDK Game XBOX360 and so on. So whenever you click to build some of these console projects, Visual Studio will call PS3 SDK to compile these files into PS3 Executable so in the end you will have a folder with all the files (including the self and elf files). So you just use a ps3 sdk tool which creates ISO File to create and ISO from these folders and files with Unreal Engine 3 exported for you. Then you will have to use either a CFW PS3 or a PS3 with COBRA ODE to run this ISO.

But for editing this game (create new maps, scripts, and so on), you have to build first the PC Version, then edit it using unreal editor, cook the maps (publish the maps), and after creating and editting your game maps in the PC Build of Unreal Engine, then you need to compile the Console (PS3) project, because it uses the same resource files (maps, packages and scripts) from the PC Version, because there is only one folder (UDK Game), which is used by both the Win32 Executable, XBOX360 Executables and PS3 Executables.

So this is the resume of how to use Unreal Engine 3 for create a game for PS3.

I also found this link inside the Unreal Engine Source Code folders:

udn epicgames com Three GettingStartedPS3

I think this is the instructions, step by step to Compile Unreal Engine 3 for PS3, however, this is only for registered and authorized developers, because this page redirects the user to a login form.

The problem i am facing is that i am not able to compile the PS3 VC++ Project, which means, is not working for me. By looking at the error messages in Visual Studio 2008, i noted a lot of errors, however the errors were related to a file, a c++ header called "edge.h".

This was the first error message:

"could not open source file ps3 edge sdk "common/include/edge/edge_version.h" in PS3/Inc/UnPS3.h"

By looking at the File PS3/Inc/UnPS3.h (which is inside the Unreal Engine 3 Folder), it looked similar to a <html> <head> tag:

UnPS3.h: Unreal definitions for PS3.
Copyright 1998-2011 Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Platform compiler definitions.

#ifndef UNPS3_HEADER
#define UNPS3_HEADER

#include <string.h>
#include <alloca.h>
#include <fastmath.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <float.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <limits.h>

#include <common/include/sdk_version.h>
#include <common/include/edge/edge_version.h>


So by searching in all my Hard Disk, i was able to find the file sdk_version.h, which is inside the PS3 Sdk Folder:


However the file edge_version.h was located into another folder:


So by logical thinking, i copied this folder edge to:


And surprisingly, it worked! However, not completely.

The Visual Studio 2008 compiler was able to find the file edge, and used it to compile, however, now another error message appeared:

could not open source file "edge/zlib/edgezlib_ppu.h" D:\ps3\cell\target\ppu\include\cell\fios\compression\edge\edgezlib.h 16 UDKGame PS3

This is the content of the file edgezlib.h


PlayStation(R)3 Programmer Tool Runtime Library 370.001
Copyright (C) 2008 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
\file edgezlib.h
#ifndef __CELL_EDGEZLIB_H__
#define __CELL_EDGEZLIB_H__

//this is located in D:\ps3\cell\target\common\include\edge //
#include <edge/edge_version.h>

/* Include the headers. */

//this folder zlib is missing - D:\ps3\cell\target\common\include\edge\zlib //
#include <edge/zlib/edgezlib_ppu.h>
#include <edge/zlib/edgezlib_inflate_queue_element.h>
#include <edge/zlib/edgezlib_ppu.h>

#endif /* __CELL_EDGEZLIB_H__ */


So as you can see, the folder which is missing from PS3 SDK is this folder zlib, which should be located inside:


However, inside this folder edge i just have the folder "geom" and other header files, like edge_assert.h, edge_atomic.h, edge_dma.h and others.

So here comes my question: Where can i find this folder "edge\zlib" which contains the headers and c++ files which are missing to be able to put this shit to run, to be able to get Unreal Engine 3 running on my PS3?

Searching on google, i think that this edge, means PS3 Edge SDK, which i suppose (i don`t understand programming very well) is an API library to compress files, models and textures of PS3 Games, a kind of encryption software, however, i did not find on any website a way to download the PS3 Edge SDK.

I have PS3 SDK 3.70 with PhyreEngine, however, maybe this Edge SDK is included into another SDK Version? Do you know which SDK Version? Is there a site where i can download the Edge SDK? I Think it means that the edge version which came with PS3 SDK 3.70 is either old or incomplete, maybe it was just a test, a preview version, because it was located in this folder:


Because if it was a final version, it should be located in it`s right place, right?

Sorry guys for writting such a long post, however, as such informations about using Game Engines for Consoles is not avaiable to the public, only to licensed and registered developers (either by EPIC and SONY), i think there is not a lot of people know how to work with this (deploying to consoles), so because this i liked to explain what i understood of this shit in the hope that maybe someone who understands it better than me can help me to find these files which i am missing from the Edge SDK.

So my final question is where i can find this folder "edge\zlib", or where can i download the full PS3 Edge SDK?