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Thread: Ac2: Battle For Forli (dlc)

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    While Assassin's Creed 2 as a whole was a great and interesting game, the Battle for Forli pack seems to at times, not follow though with the original portion of the game. In the DLC, you play SEQUENCE 12; the missing scene which was experiencing an 'error' at the time and could not occur.

    The main reason why this DLC would be purchased would be to experience the missing portions of the final game, however, even without this portion, the game itself is fully complete and playing it does absolutely nothing to the original story. Another problem with the DLC is that you can only play it once. Once it's done, have fun playing it again because you can't. Also, the actual fight scenes are fairly enjoyable, being only around 3 of them and you do not actual fighting yourself *sarcasm intended*. Even if you do get involved, theres only a bit which doesn't help much to the overall cause). The game also has issues, because at one scene I was clearly scene by the guards of Forli protecting their village or city, whichever, but the second after you complete the level, everyone is on your case and trying to kill you. Personally, I find it odd that such a problem would occur.

    Another problem with it I found was the entire length of the add-on. It lasted me about 1 hour before being completed.

    However, the real issue which is why this really stands out as not deserving to be purchased is because this content should have came with the game. I mean, they really meant to deliberately remove it so it could be purchased later. For this, I would not recommend one to purchase this add-on unless the price tag interests you or you're really into playing one more hour of the game.
    ISSUES: Too short; seems should not have been DLC but included with original
    PRICE: $3.99
    *No trophies added with this add-on.

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    nice review, i was allready wondering if it was worth to by this add-on content ;)

    STATUS : not purchased yet :)

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