*Before reading this review, please realize it is for the DEMO version of the game which was found on XBL earlier today. This for those who have not played the demo or interested in getting the game / console in the future.

This is mostly a rant.

I've always been a huge fan of the Splinter-Cell series, even with it's sub-par release of Double Agent on the GameCube and then the port we got over for the PS3. It still kept me entertained and did it's justice. However, what really shines about Splinter-cell was it's difficulty and the ability to make certain choices. Are you going to kill this guy, or maybe this guy? Maybe leave them both and find an alternative route? Splinter-cell is all about decisions and how they work out in time because sound was a huge element and shooting was almost never relevant (in fact, playing on HARD removed all ammunition except weapon attachments).

Splinter-Cell Conviction now has, to me, removed all elements of what made Splinter-Cell (especially Chaos Theory in particular) good and is trying to become more of an action game than a stealth game. As playing it, they have new Hit Markers, where if you take out an enemy, you can pop-2 in the face quickly (and the game will do it for you). This, I believe, completely takes away from the stealth part of the game. Perhaps it was just the part of the demo I was at, which is what I hope.

There are no longer reasons for choices, everyone can die quite easily and the difficulty wasn't very hard (even on realistic). You can't even bodies for fuck's sake.

There is no longer Night-Vision, Thermal, or the EMP and in its place we are left what is a mix-between the 3 that can apparently go through walls. Personally, I would have been quite satisfied with the original visions that were provided in the previous games.

Overall, I was going to originally pick up this game, hoping that it would be just as good, if not better, as Chaos Theory was when it original came out. Unfortunately, I was disappointed to see this game take a turn to a more action-style and I probably not be picking this up. While playing it, I felt as if I was playing another TPS and not a splinter-cell game. I assume if you like the TPS genre and looking for another game to add to your 360 collection, then this will do fine. If you are looking for a new stealth game to match the Double Agent you have within your collection, prepare to be disappointed.

I am not writing this review as a biased PS3-user, but because I feel that the game could have been more and was simply felt that Ubisoft abandoned those who enjoy stealth games to peruse a new audience in the action genre.