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Thread: God of War 3

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    GOD OF WAR 3

    Ever since I finished God of War 2 about 5 months ago, I've been waiting to play God of War 3 because of the simply fact that I wanted to see Kratos take his revenge on Zeus. I mean, I waited the entire second game for it to deliver but clearly Sony had different ideas. Well now, finally here is it GOW3.

    God of War 3 takes place exactly where GOW2 left off; Kratos climbing Gaia to reach the top of Mount Olympus to take on Zeus. Now, let me say that every environment in this game exceeds most games currently on the PS3 and even 360. The environments are massive in size, with mountains and clouds in the distance which truly bring the world to life. To boot, a lot of times the environment is moving. I was impressed during the opening level where you climb Gaia and her hand moves as if she truly was climbing up. Truly stunning.

    The story is exactly what you expect it to be: Kratos has a plan but ends up joining forces with others who inevitably leave him and he is once again on his own to kill whatever stands in his way. This is definitely not a bad thing though, seeing how Kratos never seem the guy to spend too much time with others. The story is just as compelling as the others and is a 'like or don't like' sort of situation since if you are not too interested or no little-to-none on Greek mythology, you may be left behind. Also, you will most definitely be left behind if you haven't played 1 or 2.

    Graphics of the game are phenomena, with no CGI used so you are always in the heart of the game. Kratos especially looks fantastic with some less-important characters not looking so cut up close. Either way though, this is a game that will impress.

    Sounds is equally as important as the video is when it comes to God of War. The background music expected of GOW is all there and really what makes the game experience so much more. The sound of course, is better prior, seeing as now DTS 5.1 Surround Sound is available unlike the previous Stereo option.

    Gameplay is pretty much like the prior versions of the game with some simple changes such as the L1+O to grab onto the character and swing into them and new magic. The head of Helios is a nice addition and the new "Yellow Bar", which is rechargeable, makes the Arrows in the game more effective.

    Overall, God of War 3 exceeded my expectations in every section and I'm having a blast playing it right now. God of War is one of the few games that is not only interesting, but also happens to be fun. If you played God of War before and wishing to continue to the experience, this is a must buy. If you haven't played God of War before, head over and rent the Collection before playing this - it will make it all the better and you will not be disappointed!
    OVERALL: 9.6 /10
    ISSUES: Can be repetitive at times; story is lacking if you haven't played previous games
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    I love this game. Part with Aphrodite was hilarious but jokes aside, very entertaining and addicting game.

    1.) Music note is very good, simple yet very nice, has ff7 Sephiroth theme feel to it. (Which I love)

    2.) Graphics are amazing and I dare say it's on par with Kojima's projects in sound score and video rendering. (in game because it doesn't really have CGI like op posted)

    3.) Storyline was awesome it goes very much into Greek mythology and if you don't know it very well, then you need to learn to fully appreciate the story line. (Helios was supposed to be Apollo but whatever....)

    Games starts with the big bang, when you start out riding Titans to Mt. Olympus to battle out the Gods. Poseidon was a great choice and you can see why he's top three Olympian. Well don't want to mess up the story line so I will just leave it there.

    definitely pick up a copy and play this!

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    This was the BEST game I've played yet on the ps3.

    I really liked the puzzles, but thought there could have been a little more.

    Also with the puzzles, it seemed they made sure you would SEE the next step to take to complete. Kinda dumbed down, but still good.

    The weapons, items, combos were excellent. They gave me a certain sense of accomplishment when used properly and efficiently.

    I highly recommend anyone with the means to play this game and dare you to say it isn't excellent.

    How long did you press circle on Zeus at the end? I kept switching fingers for about 5 minutes till I realized I needed to stop or I would still be doing it :lol:

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