Well I did a search and didn't see a review of this game, and even though this game is a bit old, I'm going to do a review anyway!

The graphics are really simple, and animated like, there are numerous weapons as a shotgun, handgun, flamethrower, lawn mower, chainsaw, uzi, chain gun, and etc. You can also light the zombies on fire to kill them and get more points. Over all the game is very fun and addicting, but lacks online co-op and multiplayer modes. There are only 30 or so trophies you can get, and you will obtain 3 of them right away. The rest are pretty hard to get. I'd give the game a 7.5 overall. But I mean for 4.99 it's a damn good game! Sorry if my review sucks or lacks many things.

edited the pics for you op. ;)