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Marrying Bluray drives to a different PS3


In the event that you had to replace the Bluray drive of your PS3, you would have hoped to have a working logic board. If you did, you could easily do the swap. If not, you had a very expensive hard drive only media device as the board controlled the launching of games as well. With access to service mode, you can marry a new Bluray drive to the PS3 and restore playback in the same operation. The process is just about the same for downgrading your console except different files are used.

What You'll Need
-A PS3 on 3.15 or below. If you have a 256MB Phat, it needs to be on 2.30. Follow this post if you need to downgrade your console.
-USB Dongle to activate service mode + separate USB device
-The files ... if you can find them. [Leaked & Illegal]
-The 2.30 Firmware Update
-A Bluray Movie

1) Prepare your USB dongle so that it activates Factory / Service Mode / Downgrading
2) Copy the .self files and the contents of the 'devusb_000' folder from the "Leaked & Illegal" archive to the root of your separate USB device.
3) Copy the 3.15 fw / 2.30 PS3UPDAT.PUP file to the separate USB device.
4) Now put the USB stick in the USB port all the way to the right end.
5) Put your USB Dongle into any other port. (Left end is the best)
6) Power off the console and cut the power. From there, re-establish power and press Power + Eject within 0.2 seconds of the red power LED coming on.
7) The PS3 will turn on .. Wait until turns off.
8) Press the power button to turn it back on again. Wait until the PS3 turns off again.
9) Turn on the PS3 again, insert a Bluray movie (the newer the better) and play it until the movie starts.
10) Remove the USB Dongle & Stick and place the FILE2/lv2diag.self file on your USB Stick. (Get it from the Downgrading post if you don't have it)
11) Turn off your PS3 and place the USB stick in the USB port on the right end.
12) Turn on the PS3 ... wait until it turns back off.
13) Done .. Power on your PS3 normally and check to see if your Bluray movie playback works.
14) Update your firmware as necessary.

If you cannot remarry the Bluray drive, try this:
Hey but what if i have a slim that has come with FW higher than 3.15 ? I know that you cant downgrade below than its factory firmware