There seems to be a little "bug" in the PlayStation3's NAT test, which you can dump random data from the HDD and RAM. Why exactly this appears; they don't know, yet; But well, it is interesting. The way to do it is pretty simple. Set up Wireshark on your PC and activate ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). Connect the PS3 to the the PC via LAN (X-over cable) and start Wireshark's logging/sniffing feature on the LAN device. Now go to your Settings on the PS3, and start a Internet Connection Test in the Network option. When the PS3 starts the NAT testing, it will send default STUN packets together with several IP Fragments. Those packet types will contain random data, which the PS3 grabs from the HDD and/or RAM.

No hack, just some neat information. Not sure if it is even a BUG, as when you test your connection, it has to send SOMETHING.