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Thread: DOWNGRADING and JAILBREAKING for newbies. Everything summed up !!

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    Can anyone point out what are the things that you can and cannot do when you're on jailbreak? Since a Ps3 unit cost a lot, I wouldn't want to put it at risk if there isn't much advantage. Thanks.

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    Smile Started Today - Lotsa Qs


    Thanks for taking time to read this post.
    I'm complete noob, have never dealt in ps3 hacks or any of the sort. Just bought a used ps3 and it has gaiamanager and blackb0x ftp v1.2 on it. Has 500gb nearly filled up and the guy told me not to go online.

    Roomate had a 4 year old ps3 with a 60gb~ hd or something that just broke down. YLOD. He didn't want to fix it or nothing so I got a new ps3, or used one rather.

    and so I'm reading the downgrading and jailbreaking thread now and first question is.

    1) How do I check my version of FW (Firmware??), if it's 3.50 or 3.41 or less?

    system tab - system settings - system information.
    I have 3.55 atm.


    2) Jailbreaking. I wasn't told anything about this. I got no usb device or key attached. I wonder if when I boot the ps3, the 500gb hd jailbreaks the ps3? Maybe I should purchase one of these for the future?!


    Broken link:
    List of know devises that you can use to jailbreak the PS3 besides purchasing a special USB key:


    3) The 500gb has 150gb left. and I got a formatted 40gb.
    I'm going to want to play other games, get more games so I'm going to get a new hard drive. Now you say that MOST GAMES CAN NOT be played from external hhd when they are split.
    So I'm going to get another internal 2.5inch SATA laptop hhd. Max size is 750GB?
    I also have a 500gb external atm, and prob get a 2TB external over the winter.

    Are all of these good I hope?

    Hitachi 0S03339 2.5IN 750GB 7200RPM 16MB SATA2 Mobile Hard Drive

    Western Digital Scorpio Black 750GB 2.5IN 7200RPM 16MB SATA3GB/S Notebook Hard Drive

    Western Digital WD Scorpio Black 500GB 2.5IN SATA2 7200RPM 16MB Notebook Hard Drive


    4) The old ps3 that I was using, I bought ff7 (ps1) off the ps3 store market. $10.
    I got pretty far in this game til the old ps3 crashed.
    I really wish I could get it going again on the new ps3. Is there a way to do this? copy game files from old hd to desktop computer along with save files and than put on usb stick or external, than plug it into new ps3 and copy it over that way? For the save file, will I need to connect new ps3 hhd to desktop computer?


    5) 500gb is jailbroken, the 40gb is reformatted.
    No way I can use the 500gb to play hacked games and such, and use the 40gb to play online?
    Online, I just want to be able to watch youtube videos, and I might get a multiplayer game or two to play with friends across the country, but I bet only old games will work.
    It's about the firmware (FW) I'm betting, nothing to do with the HHDs.
    I plan on staying away from online for the next few weeks or few months, not too important atm.


    6) Adding games to the current 500gb, I know I can copy from discs, but can I download games and copy them to hard drive via usb flash drive or ext hhd?
    I suppose I can rent games from video store, copy to hd from disc, than return the rental. Do ps1 and ps2 games work?


    About it for now, bet I'll get flamed, do more reading. Been reading all day long. Apologies in advance for asking questions I should already know the answer to.

    Thanks for reading and responding.


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    I just want to know can't we make Jailbreak key by ourselves? I have been hacking PSP from last 2 years and there I make my own MMS for hacking PSP, so there must be a way to make our own jailbreak key as well. If someone guide me to a tutorial and link of files required I would be very grateful.

    I need to jailbreak my friend's PS3.

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