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Thread: Massive Support Form For Dead Rising 2 Backup And Hacks!

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    hey guys so today im going to show you how to get The Dead Rising 2 Backup To Work Along With The Dead Rising 2 Hack. Credits to KysKidz For The Param.Sfo File, Geohotz For Jailbreak, Ripperd For Hack, Comgenie For File Manager And Rogero As Well, i think i got everybody lol,

    Detailed Version I Suggest You Use This First

    Ok So First Off, You Need A JailBroken Ps3 And I Use Geohotz Jailbreak for ps3 i find its the best one out there as of now but meh your choice, So after you have jailbroken you ps3, your going to need a backup manager, there are quite a few out there, i use multiman, and rogero (you only need one), so after you get this put it on your usb stick and put it on your ps3 (via install .pkg files) and back up your version of Dead Rising 2 (in both versions, Rogero, or Multiman, Just Have The Disc In Your Ps3 And Hit O T(wnload and install Comgenies Awesome File Manager, And The Dead Rising 2 ( UP0001-BLES00948_00-0000000000000000.pkg) and install that to your ps3 as well (again via your usb stick) after you install it you will have a dead rising 2 icon below your disc, dont get to excited were not done yet, go into comgenies file manager and on the first panel scroll down to Hdd0 then go to GAMES (GAMEZ if your using rogero) then go to Blus_30439 (this is us version, if you back up the other one from Uk it will still be Bles_00948) and go into that, then go into PS3_Game, And Then USRDIR, then scroll down to data (just have the little arrow go over top of it, dont go into it) now press select on your ps3 controller to turn the screen red, this means you can copy and paste anywhere, go to the right panel and go to Dev_hdd0/game/Bles00948/USRDIR and then go back to the left screen and press O and paste to the right hand side this will also take a few mins of your time so watch like 10 mins of tv or something and come back, after the stuff has been copied over just quit it (pressing the button on the middle of the controller and quit game, now you have to download this file Param.Sfo onto your usb along with the datafile.big i have uploaded for you (this is already modded so half the work is done for you) so go back into comgenies file manager, go on the first side to Usb_000 or Usb0001 (it depends on which slot u have it in doesnt matter same stuff) then on the other side go to dev_hdd0/game/bles00948 you will see that there is a param.sfo file in there, just copy the one over from your usb over to there, now go into USRDIR and go to data you will also notice there is a datafile.big in there, so again copy over and paste the datafile.big from your usb to the side on the right, then just quit game go start dead rising 2 from the xmb (not the disc just the icon thats already there) and you will NOT download the patch, just play offline u still earn trophies, then you just go start a game (obviously once you get to the safe house is when the hacks kick in) as soon as you walk out you will see the big door u came in and there are a hell of alot of weapons, hope this helps you guys out, ill put this in short form for all of you =D

    Short Version I Suggest You Use This After Detailed Version

    1. have a jailbroken ps3, download Rogero Backup Manager, And Backup Dead Rising 2 From The Disc.

    2. Install Comgenies File Manager And The UP0001-BLES00948_00-0000000000000000.pkg To Your Ps3.

    3. now you have to go into comgenies file manager and go copy the backup data file (dev_hdd0/GAMES/USRDIR/Data) to the Bles00948. (if it doesnt work remeber to press select before transfering it over)

    4. Now Take the Param.sfo and copy into dev_hdd0/game/bles00948, then go from there into the usrdir then into the data folder, and copy the datafile.big to that folder.

    5. Now Take Out Your Disc there will still be a dead rising 2 icon start it cancel the patch, play the game and hack!@!@!

    NOTE!! after start up the game and quit it the icon will be gone! all you have to do is just reinstall the UP0001-BLES00948_00-0000000000000000.pkg then just open up comgenies file manager and go to dev_hdd0/game/bles00948 and just re-copy the param.sfo to there and do the same for the datafile.big (in the usrdir and data) and your all set to go, if you need any help at all i can help you here!, i wont ignore you lol. so have a go hope i helped you guys tell me how i did! thanks alot.

    Lucifer0512 - Comgenie's Awesome File Manager

    datafile.rar - Datafile.big

    multiMAN ver 1.12.05 BASE [20110113_170000] FW 3.55.rar - Multimans Backup Manager

    PARAM.SFO - Param.SFO

    ROGERO_v7.8_File_Manager.rar - Rogero Version 7.8 Backup Manager

    UP0001-BLES00948_00-0000000000000000.rar - Bles00948 File (dead rising 2.pkg)

    I kno its alot to read but it really does help, the short version is good if you already kno most of the stuff, if ur just starting to do this, the detailed version is for you!

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    I just want to mention that you can do this quickly (without the hack, although the hacks pretty easy to install yourself) with pkg builder by Brown Muffin. Copy, use to make pkg file, install .pkg, transfer USRDIR contents to hdd0/game/bles*****/USRDIR (without EBOOT.bin) and your done. The only problem might be the param.sfo so get it from here if it doesn't work and you dont know how to edit it yourself.

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