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    Hey! I seem to have figured out a way to get rid of a trophy set for a certain game if you are experiencing errors due to sync problems or *cough*hacking*cough*.

    It's pretty simple, actually. First, backup your save data for desired game, then delete ALL data pertaining to the game (game data and save data) form the HDD. Then, go into Comgenie's File Manager (or FTP server) and navigate to /dev_hdd0/home/00000***/trophy/

    You will see directories like NPWR00***_** (*s are numbers) and _BU_NPWR00***_**

    So, to know which directory to delete, you go to your desired game's BDVD which needs to be in the drive (/dev_bdvd/)

    Navigate to /dev_bdvd/PS3_GAME/TROPDIR/NPWR00***_**/ This is only for reference. DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING ON BDVD (Don't think you can anyway)

    Then, go back to the PS3 HDD trophy directory mentioned above and find the folder that is named the same as the one on the game's BDVD. For example, Killzone 2's TROPDIR is called NPWR00153_00.

    On the HDD, delete the game's trophy folder. Also, delete the one that has _BU_ in front of it. Example:_BU_NPWR00153_00

    Then, go back to the XMB. Look at your trophies. Said game will still be there, but have no icon or pictures of trophies. Reboot PS3, start said game and bam! Game works fine. If it doesn't work, repeat all the above steps until it works.

    I might post a YouTube vid on how to do this, but probably not.

    Cheers :D

    UPDATE!!! Now, with the Rebug CFWs out, you can simply navigate to your unwanted trophy data, press triangle, and select "Delete". w00t!

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