OK here is tut for people who is getting errors . this tut for BLES00909 u can do the tut too for others but u get ur boot.bin pck BLUS or OTHER BLESXXX

all u will need :

1: boot.bin fixed ( i don't remember the site i downloaded it ) http://www.mediafire.com/?butnx7s1dgwqmbp

2. ftp

3. the game files

now we start how to install it step by step :

first of all we will download the boot.bin and it is like a pck file so u will put it in a usb and install it u will find assassin creed icon appeared under ur BD then u will go to Ur game u downloaded it and backup game boot.bin in another folder u want so we will put the game without the boot.bin to ur ext hard and then copy it using gaia after u finish copying it to ur internal harddisk after that u will go with ftp to ur internal hard disk and go to hdd0\game\BLES00909\USRDIR

and copy all files from USRDIR from the game u downloaded it (source ) and paste it AT hdd0\game\BLES00909\USRDIR after u finish copying go to the icon appeared under ur BD and push X and then the game will start have fun playing AC-brother hood i didnt sleep for 24 hours to get this shit working