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    1) Since the other one got to be a TOTAL MESS, here is a new; separate post with just the
    2) tutorial.You will no longer need your dongle to jailbreak the PS3.
    4) Originally by: jerkov, updated & edited by Powerslave
    6) Original post:
    8)There are no 3.56, or 3.60 FW solutions, or downgrade tools, so stop asking.
    10)If you do not have a Bluray drive, do not bother! It will not work.

    12)You must start from ORIGINAL 3.55 Firmware! If you are above 3.55; STOP you're done here.

    14)If you have OTHER 3.55 CFW, go back to OFW from the recovery
    menu. Use option #6 with a stock PS3UPDAT.PUP from USB device.

    OFW -

    18)If your drive does not read discs, it will work if the logic board
    of the drive is functioning properly. However that does not mean
    all your backups will work! Diskless backups are not 100%, so please
    do not complain if a backup does not work! You must check the
    compatibility list first!

    ive never made a tutorial before, but here goes...

    26)first make sure you are on stock firmware 3.55. if youre
    not sure, go to system settings on your ps3, then
    scroll down to system information and it will display
    your firmware version. if you are not on 3.55, download it HERE
    and install manually (check your manual if you don't know how). if youre on 3.55, awesome.

    If you want to patch the firmware yourself:
    now use/download 3.55 ofw (official firmware) here:
    Follow Patching Steps.

    Prepatched k-3.55 CFW
    The already patched PUP & LCv.pkg files hosted in the downloads section here
    are tested, and correct, thus you can SKIP all the patching steps.

    Prepatched k-3.55 CFW:
    LV2-Patcher: (put on root dir, USB drive)
    Go to Procedure Steps

    Patching Steps (Skip if have prepatched PUP and LV2.PKG):
    extract the files. PS3UPDAT.PUP is the one you need.

    now download kmeaw cfw (custom firmware) here:

    extract the files. make a folder called "usb" and put
    it on your desktop. put the file "lv2.pkg" in the
    "usb" folder. extract the files from "patchfile.rar"
    and "" and put them all in a folder
    on your c:/ drive called "bsdiff".

    if you want to make sure you dont brick your ps3, to
    be safe you can check the md5sum. to do that download
    md5 check here:

    extract "" and open "md5check.exe". click
    on the browse button and got to c:/bsdiff/PS3UPDAT.PUP.
    click on calculate md5 checksum button. you should see:
    now close md5check.

    Continue Patching Steps:
    now click your windows icon in the lower left-hand of
    your screen. either click run and type "cmd" or if youre
    on windows 7 type "cmd" in the space above the windows
    icon and then hit enter. you should see your dos window

    type in "cd c:/bsdiff". now type "bspatch PS3UPDAT.PUP

    PS3CFW.PUP patchfile" and hit enter. wait until the
    prompt just says "c:/bsdiff" again, then type "exit"
    and hit enter.

    open up "md5check.exe" again. this time browse to
    "PS3CFW.PUP" and click on calculate md5 checksum button.
    you should see:

    if all has gone well so far, delete the "PS3UPDAT.PUP"
    file in your "c:/bsdiff" folder. now rename the
    "PS3CFW.PUP" file to "PS3UPDAT.PUP".
    End Patching Steps.
    now connect a usb flashdrive to your computer. make sure
    its formatted to "FAT32". if you dont know how, right
    click on your drive and click on properties. if it doesnt
    say "FAT32" next to filesystem then hit close, right click
    on your drive again, and click format. under file system,
    scroll down to "FAT32", then click format.

    now that your "FAT32" usb drive is hooked up, create a
    folder on the drive named "PS3". inside your "PS3" folder,
    create another folder named "UPDATE".

    now copy your patched or already patched download from this site
    "PS3UPDAT.PUP" file into the "PS3/UPDATE" folder on your usb drive.

    now copy your "lv2.pkg" file from your "usb" folder on
    your desktop to the usb drive, but not inside the "PS3"
    folder or "PS3/UPDATE" folder.

    now go to your ps3 console and turn it off.
    next, hold down your power button until your ps3 turns
    on and then beeps 3-times and turns off again.
    let go of the button when off.
    now hold down the power button until the ps3 beeps once and
    then twice and then let go of the button.
    you should now see the recovery screen. if it asks you
    to plug in your remote, then do it and hit the ps button.
    scroll down to option (6) system update and hit x.
    follow the prompts.
    once the update is finished, your ps3 will reboot.

    you've done it. great job.

    any .pkg file you want to install, just put it on your
    usb drive and go to the install pkg files button under games
    on your xmb. if you run a backup manager like "multiman",
    you need to click on the "lv2.pkg" icon under games first.
    just click x at the white screen and it will take you back
    to the xmb. in the meantime you must run "lv2.pkg" after
    every boot to run your backup managers.

    ive tried to make this painfully simple. this is way longer
    than it needed to be but i hope it helps someone.


    UPDATE: kkeerrzzoo added a post with a video walkthrough.

    kkeerrzzoo says:
    the video includes all links for each part needed to run backup mangers
    there is also a link for an already patched updat.pup

    thank you kkeerrzzoo

    Stuff you will need (Please read file descriptions!):
    Rogero Manager:
    Gaia Manager:

    Check here every few days: for any
    updates on these packages.

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