These are the rooms being used in the development of Kurok: Escape From Lost Land for PS4. These rooms are used to test various aspects of the game as they're developed. Testing things like new frameworks, particle systems and effects, physics, movement, weapons and sounds.

Main Features:
Controller Support
Climbable walls
Able to Duck down
Able to Jump
Walking button
Use Button
Pickup-able and drop-able weapons
LandMines that explode
Sounds specific to certain surface
Functional Shooting Range
Falling Damage
Ragdoll Effect on Player
NOTE: In version v0.1; in order to use the buggy car, you must have a keyboard plugged in and you must press W to move forward while using the controller stick to steer. this will be fixed in a future release as Vehicles become fully supported.

Furthermore, under certain circumstances it seems keyboards do not work in game for some ps4 owners and it is currently unknown why this is.

Download: : cant post links unless i made 999 posts. rediculaos.

video of game within unity, its pretty much the same thing when played on ps4:
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