I would like to know if there is any way to install a complete FPP Windows (since 8.1 professional) on a PS4 or a Xbox One ?

I saw that Windows 10 will be unified, but then... except the Xbox One that has an altered version.

To tell to you deeply my thoughts:
I would like to know if the Microsoft's game - Flight Simulator X - may run on the hardware of this same House.

I think to know that the Windows DVD installation is impossible.
-So then, is the way of the bootable USB of Windows a possible one ?
-Else if I can install Windows on a Hard Drive of right size, and then use a second activation key to install it on the PS4/XBox One ?

I would like to achieve this sort of things with a minimum of console alteration.

Finally, if this is absolutely impossible, please give some of the technical aspects that make it impossible (if possible: all of them).

Thank you.

N. B.:
I would additionally to know if the Windows 10 could install better on a nowadays Xbox One, as an upgrade.