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    Please read carefully...

    This is the place to show off any kind of mods you've done to your psp. Including LED lights, faceplates, fresh coat of paint, new BG (background) and font combo, or a new BG for Fanjita's Eboot loaders. Show it off and get your psp rated and/or critiqued by other psp owners.

    Do not, I repeat... DO NOT post links to your BG or font for people to download here in this section... Please use the Font and BG sections for that.

    When posting an image of your psp, plaese make sure the image is is 500x300 pixels max.

    Posting an image of your BG should be no larger than 480x272 pixels max.


    To take a picture of your BG please use the latest version of PspShot (only works with 1.5 psp firmware). To use PspShot: 1) boot up PspShot 2) position your menu to how you want it 3) press the note button (located at the bottom next to the select button) Download: PspShot

    Miscellanious Rules: 1) Be respectful to others 2) Do not post images that you think is offensive to others 3) Uhhh... guess that's all. Enjoy showing off your psp and bragging about it.

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