First up, psp 1k I recieved damaged from ebay...After learning the screen was borked along with a bent up screen/ umd latch bracket, I managed to dig up a semi-broken screen from my stash-o-junk. and uhm test the LED (If anyone wants to see them go, I can upload 2 youtube) The 1k IS NOT functional until I get a new screen/screen bracket sadly. The case quality was terrible and the switch broke off (the power) so I cut around it so I could turn it on the best I could.

Second off, psp 2k which I bought used since the 1k was in pieces for over 4 months I was getting agitated. Actually second 2k, First one i bought was a 88v3 and I returned it to gamestop (I complained about boot lag and used my fake memory card so it actually lagged in XMB) it worked and I got a badly beaten star wars edition. I realized I had an extra faceplate from the pink psp I did last year and decided to give it a go~ (I think the results are nice) Next step for it is adding LED's white or red though Im not too sure.

It's a shame they didnt turn out how I wanted, I was thinking about a VU on the 1K but I dont trust myself with something like that. I want your guys Fail rating