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Thread: cr-5400 where to buy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fd! View Post
    the CR-5400 can hold two 16gb = 32gb, at least that is what I read around. not sure if the other one can hold 4x16gb though, 64gb would be the ultimate win for psp
    Oh did some research that one only holds 2 SD cards and is a pretty bulky annoying adapter. Are these Magic gate supported? I'm looking at the speed tests in another thread I don't really understand if its faster or slower then my card San Disk 8gig magicgate supported?

    but cr3100 with x2 no clue what speed those 2 wil run at in there.

    I wish they would just release the 2tb cards I know they're holding back from public just so they can get money off of the old ones.

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    well according to the cr-3100 can hold a total of 64gb with 2 sd cards
    or you could put 2 cr-5400's with 2 16gb micro sd cards in cr-3100 for a total of 64gb as well.

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    I had a cr-5400. Had 32 gigs. They will never say they are supported by magic gate since you are using a adapter to get them to work. Also mine was a lot slower than a magic gate supported one, but then again i had a lot of memory and slow mircosdhcs.

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    im using 2 transcend 16gb class 6 Microsd cards in the CR-5400. i have a 4gb microgate stick. I use blackspeed v2.0 with 5.50 gen D3 -> Prom-4 to view my read and write speeds.

    My 32gb 5400 setup is quite a bit faster than that of my magicgate stick. I know there are class 10 Micro SD cards out there, or Kingston class 4's perform well, but i'm not sure if the cr-5400 would be a limiting factor or not. I can't justify the purchase as the performance I'm getting with my 2 class 6 cards is stellar already. I'm still curious though.

    Amazon has a few good deals.
    2 16gb class 2 microSD cards with the cr-5400 for 54.00
    or 4.00 for the cr-5400 alone. adding shipping brings the total to 7$ - 9$ depending on the company you go with.

    Not bad at all considering the inflated price of equivalent duo sticks.
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