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Thread: Dynasty Warriors?

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    Default Dynasty Warriors?

    There is a new one that I keeps seeing ads for.
    I was wondering if it was any good.

    I just looked on Playstation store and on PSP.
    They have Strikeforce. Is it even out?

    And can you be a female through the whole game?
    I really prefer to be a sexy guy or a chick.

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    The Good about game

    * New town hub adds role-playing elements and customization options
    * Multiplayer is fun and makes difficult missions much easier
    * Install option practically eliminates load times.

    The Bad about game

    * Some missions can be frustratingly difficult
    * Subpar visuals and music
    * Unwieldy camera.

    Brief Review

    The Dynasty Warriors franchise has become stagnant as of late. Incomprehensible storylines and simplistic combat mechanics make it increasingly difficult to get interested in the series' aging formula. While Strikeforce doesn't address all of these problems, it incorporates a good multiplayer experience and a number of new features that make it significantly more engaging than many of its predecessors. As a result, this Dynasty Warriors game will strike a chord for some newcomers without alienating the series faithful.

    Overall Rating 6 out of 10
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