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Thread: Ys: ark of napishtism mini review

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    Default Ys: ark of napishtism mini review

    So I played YS ark of napishtism last week, and it was surprisingly good. I've gone through a pretty large amount of psp games, and I get bored easily, but this one stuck out to me. Now, I'm not a pro gamer or anything, just a teenager with a psp trying to keep himself entertained. I noticed it wasn't on the stickied list of top psp games, so I thought I'd write a short review about it.

    The storyline follows Adol Christian, a pirate that fell off his ship and washed up on an island with some elfish looking people with tails, and also fellow humans. The storyline rather short, and really isn't anything special, but it's not horrible. There are no voice overs and some of the text is cheesy but overall it's not too bad. Your character doesn't really say anything unfortunately, all of his text is like.
    Man: So what happened Adol?
    *Adol tells man what happened*
    Man: oh, I see.
    There isn't too much character development since the game is so short.
    I would like to mention that the person that finds you washed up on the island is a pretty good looking tailed elf priestess, and later your pirate girl friend shows up too, so that's definitely a plus.

    If I had to choose one word to describe gameplay it would be "simple". I have to stress that this is just a "fun" game that you pick up and play; there are no complicated tactics, combos, statistics, item synthesis, or anything like that. I really liked the monster fighting system of this game. You fight the monsters in real time directly on the map, so there aren't those annoying enemy encounters or anything like that. In most cases it's easy to avoid monsters if you choose not to fight them. There's not too much skill involved; but it's not just total button mashing, you need to work in a few jumps too. It's nothing complicated though. Leveling is simple, and doesn't really get any more difficult as the game progresses; you won't be doing any grinding in most cases.
    Adol is the only character you will ever control, and you never have a "party" or anyone to help you fight.
    The one bad thing is that there is quite a bit of lag at when lots of monsters all show up on the screen at once.

    The graphics of this game are quite decent. The backgrounds are all 3d and rendered in real real time I believe. Your character, the monsters, and some of the scenery like trees and houses are sprites. It's a pretty nice system; and many of the maps look quite nice. It's not quite as impressive as games like God of War or even Tales of the World, but definitely on par or maybe even a bit better than Star Ocean.

    I'm no expert in sound, but I thought the soundtrack and the effects weren't bad. There's nothing spectacular about them; nothing catchy that gets stuck in your head, but it's nothing so bad that you have to turn the sound off or anything. The only thing I noticed is that the footsteps are rather loud on some maps, but it's not a huge deal.

    I thought YS was a pretty good game overall. It's nothing intense, and it's actually very short. I didn't use a guide and I took my time playing, and it only took me 15 hours to beat the game. Don't expect a game that you'll be playing for a long time collecting rare items and customizing your character like monster hunter. Everything about the game is very simple; there are no no complex lvl, skill, or item systems.
    To sum it up:
    -Short and sweet
    -Simple storyline and relatively easy gameplay
    -Fast paced; no grinding or random enemy encounters
    -Cute girls
    -Decent graphics

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    The PS2 version of this game is better. The PC version is even better than that. Get the PC version if possible, PS2 version second choice.

    If you liked this, try Ys: Oath in Felghana.

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