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Thread: Midnight Club Dub Edition Rocks

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    Yes I do like this game alot. Great graphics for a portable, and lots of fun, I can see killing lots of time between deliveries and on the shitter.
    One note however the load times are outrageously long.
    Sounds great on my new NYKO THeatre Experience :D.
    There is a 1.50 firmware upgrader that you can choose to install if you need to, which if you have the us psp I wouldn't see why you would.
    I mention it cause I read somewhere that this game did an autoupdate to 1.52 and that is just an outright lie.
    Great game and soundtrack though and the analog controls are so intuitive, not to mention being able to configure the controls to my liking is a total plus.
    Camera view options are included thankfully including of course FP View.
    The game has lots of customization options for your car as you rack up the cash and lots of vehicles to unlock.
    A great addition to your library 4 sho.

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    Hell yea, American muscle cars all the way baby!!!

    BTW i own a 1991 Chevy camaro RS :twisted:

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