Boku no Watashi no Katamari or... "my my katamari" is yet another interesting game from has been out for quite some time on the PS2 and is now being ported on over to the psp. Im suprised to see how the game will work, on the ps2 the controls used both analog stick to move the katamari around, but the PSP only has one. From what I've seen the interface is quite similiar to Katamari Damacy II (we love katamari) rather than the first game. Though the interface is similiar the worlds are different most of the game is all original.

This is a rough translation of the main story

"The Oji island in Oji's origin, Sawayama's animal
which lose your own island dies and comes the request.
Oji in order that you answer to their requests, mono hard rolls the
lump in "the sunflower continent" of the earth which is many.
Rolling the lump because of the animal, it is mode of main it keeps
advancing the game by the fact that it makes the island."

The game is still as strange as ever which is a good thing, because that what brought us all to the katamari craze in the first place. I hope this game is as good as it sounds, be sure to look for it 12/22/05 in Japan

one of your import guys w_:mrgreen: ~DrifterEX