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Thread: EXIT requires 2.50 update...

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    So there you have it the jap release of exit officialy requires 2.50 or above to be played, seems the gravy train of free games is drying up quite fast now.

    On a side note i'm quite interested to see how many of you would consider jumping ship and ditching your psp if kernel mode loaders aren' forthcoming for the latest firmware updates??

    i for one will have to seriously consider it because:

    A: I don't have the disposeable income to buy loads of games

    B: out of all the games i've played so far ( most english releases and a few jap) only a handful are any good maybe ten or so, so if i'd payed 30/35 pounds for some of the less enjoyable titles i'd have felt pretty violated...

    end of line...

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    hmmm, could be bad news, if sum one has 2.0 and the UMD, try and see if it works with the new version changer :?
    lol @ Thread

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    yeh it probly doesnt need any of the new formats to run the files so hopefully it wont be to hard to get around.

    And to smashie, i definately dont think i'll be selling my psp or jumping ship (where is there to jump to portable wise?? DS? :eek: , or you mean firmwares?) but i wont be upgrading either cos i dont have the money to support a new game that often and i agree with u, the majority of the games so far have been pretty shit .. and ive got plenty of iso's to keep me going for a while. Until something really grabbing comes out (gt4 .. maybe new gta or something ??), i wont be tempted to upgrade.

    O btw, if i have a job by then i might even buy another psp because my sister likes to play psp aswell and i guess havin one 1.50 and one on the latest firmware would solve all your problems :)
    - Puss

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