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Thread: [b]Large game problems[/b]

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    Ok heres what i have a psp v1.5, 1 gig memory card, Fastloader v.8, vcdrom etc the works....
    I got two games for christmas MVP Baseball and Lumines.
    Now i backed up lumines on my card with no problem its only 200 megs large, Moved the iso to my harddrive..

    BUT... when i try to backup mvp its 1.3 megs big so fastloader splits the file so i have room for the second part. I get both parts on my harddrive and thats where im lost... How do i get those two file back to one large iso so i can shrink it or something.... I tried opening the first file with winwar hoping it will detect the second file but it never does...It only extracts the first file and say the second file is not an extractable file.

    If Anyone can help with this matter i would appreciate it emensly Thanx Joe[/b]

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    use umd gen, but b4 that get umd ripper to clear out dummy data and stuff
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