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Thread: dumping UMD games for Devhook 0.41

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    this is for anyone who has been banging their head against the wall trying to get some of these ISOs to work.

    After many hours reformatting, trying different prx, trying different patches etc. i discovered that for some of the newer games you need to dump the disc using DAXDUMPER 0.2 to get your original ISO

    I wrongly assumed that fastloader would be is not and gives a different sized ISO

    Why this important who knows......the files all look the same

    The game i have been working on is FIFA WORLD CUP and i now have ot working dumped from my own EUR UMD.

    So if you cant get your iso to work and swear you have set everything up correctly try making another ISO using daxdumper instead

    good luck

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    sweet thanx will try

    Tekken rule§

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