I dont know if any of u have heard of gurumin. It is an amazing game from Nihon Falcom (the guys who make Ys). They call it an action rpg, but it is way more than that. It has a great story, awesom platforming, amazing music, and is just a great game. This is the first "console" release from falcom in over a decade. I am just giving people the heads up. I hope this game gets dumped when it comes out ASAP. I know it took gitaroo man a while to get released in the "scene". I have mine on pre-order from Falcom.com, and I suggest you support falcom and get this game from them. This game is in Japanese. I cant read Japanese, but I got through the pc version with no trouble at all. Be on the lookout for this game, If alot of people support this game, it will give falcom a reason to release more psp games, and have them Localized to the US and Europe.