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Thread: Questions about PSP Wifi (MHF & Wifimax)

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    I've got three questions actually, be great if anyone could help me out on this one...

    1) Can v1.5 use WifiMax and play online with others? (even other versions?)

    2) When using ad-hoc, is it possible for a 1.5 psp to play with upgraded ones? because me and a few friends tried it once (they were 2.6s). I got into the online guild hall, but it was not connected to theirs (i was alone) while they connected fine.

    3) I heard claims that monster hunter EUR and US can work together on wifimax, but what about ad-hoc? Can they work together without using Xlink?

    Was thinking of buying wifimax, but i cant seem to find these answers (they were really vague)... hope you guys can help, especially number 2, it's giving me a headache :|

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    2/ yeah different versions can play against each other, i have played my 1.5 loads of times against 2.x, check that your wifi channel is set to automatic
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