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Thread: cant load DAXTER with devhook 0.46

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    When i tried to start DAXTER with devhook 0.46 :o i will get a error 801126... something, what do i need to do ? please help

    i think somethings wrong with the iso/cso

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    I usually do not rip on people in forums that post topics that already have a couple of threads, but there are countless ones on this. Next time search please, there are several problem threads about Daxter.

    On the informative part I first must ask which Dax version you are using. The 400 mb iso one does not work right. I CISOed mine and it would load up, but freeze upon hitting the X button. What settings are you using on devhook? Try uninstalling devhook and reformatting your MS. BE SURE TO BACK UP ALL YOUR DATA. Just cut and paste beofre you format it. Then install devhook again and drag all your crap back onto your card. Those are the first things I would try. If you do have the 400 mb iso it will not work with devhook. There should be a 600 one I believe that should work with devhook. There is also a thread discussing using Daxter withh UMD Emulator Run UMD .8c version.

    Hope that helps, and seriously just search devhook daxter. You will get lots of help. The more organized a forum is the better help we can give each other.

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