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Thread: F1: Formula One Championship Edition PS3 to PSP

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    Does anyone know how to use the PSP with Formula One?
    I see it being a boasted feature. Such as use PSP as rear view mirror.

    I can connect to the internet but when I select remote play it connects to the network and then says "A connection error occurred. (8001006F)
    I know that's usually an error you get on emulating or a UMD. This is a TA-082 v3.02 OE-B and I have NO UMD disabled. As well ATV FURY is in the drive.

    Any ideas? I know this is kind of a PS3 question but it's the PSP I am having an issue with. The PS3 is lan'd via cat5

    I got no search hits AND the instruction book doesn't even have the phrase PSP.
    It just talks about the game but no peripheral features and extras.

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    I heard the new PS3 firmware 1.6 will enable remote play between PSP and PS3 so wait until the update is out
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