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Thread: DJ MAX 2 - USB Host

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    Yes I posted this in the Help secion yesterday but no one replied.

    I still dont get that DJ game to work over USB :(
    Is this possible, do you guys know?

    NOTE: Pursuit Force Game works great.
    When I try to start DJ MAX 2 it gives me a error. :mad:
    (I click to start, then I get the gameboot-movie after it fades out it goes black and the returns to the XMB)


    My 4gig memorystick is broken now, so now I only got the 1 GIG, and the game is 1,4. :evil:

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    you can play it through usbhost. but it will crash after 3 songs normally, or maybe earlier if the songs is a high level song (too many notes)

    i personally tried it myself, as I only have a 1G stick before. it works fine after I bought a 4G stick and change no-umd to enable in recovery menu. i guess the game needs to be in the memstick.

    some games does not run with usbhost, I have a few games which fail to run through usbhost.

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