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    Finally! Concrete details about Wild Arms are slowly coming out of Japan. Gamers have been waiting for even the tiniest morsel of information since the game was first announced last September. New scans from Famitsu, available at Jeux-France, showcase a new look for the game, as it treads into strategy RPG territory. While fans are always welcome a new Wild Arms, some are disappointed the game is straying from its roots. With Jeanne d'Arc and Final Fantasy Tactics also coming on PSP, some are wondering if another high-profile SRPG is really all that necessary on our handheld.

    Regardless, the game certainly looks pretty. It appears the title will also have connectivity with Wild Arms 5 on PS2, so true fans of the series will want to pick up both. We hope to unearth more details and screenshots in the coming weeks.
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    I my self can't wait for this game, i love the Wild Arms games, i'm a bit pissed that its an SRPG but ether way that shouldn't stop it from being a good game :) .

    Now i just wonder how will it connect with Wild Arms 5, maybe they will use the usb connection or something??.

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    I've only played Wild Arms 1 and 3...This one looks totally different.. :)
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