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Thread: Tekken Dark Resurrection

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    Tekken DR rocks and i got it on the psp and there is also one on the ps3 which you download of the playstation store but i don't have a ps3. I have always wanted online tekken DR. Then i hear this

    For PS3

    Namco Bandai's Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online is probably one of the most anticipated games confirmed to hit the PlayStation Network, and with good and sound reasons we should say. So far, Tekken 5: DR Online has been announced to include the following features:

    New online versus modes
    Practice and Survival for single-player modes
    A new online leaderboard
    Gallery mode
    In-match spectating
    Online ranking and battle lobbies
    In the Survival and Practice modes, players will get the chance to hone and master their moves before they go out and challenge other players online. For online ranking and lobbies, players can choose from Quick, Opti, Custom, and Friend Matches to invite opponents to play online.

    All online modes will support voice chat, even while waiting in the lobby. GamePro reports that players can even spy on matches and players to see what moves their future opponents may have.

    But if you don't want to get into the specifics of the game, and are just interested in how these game modes will play out once you start playing, just take a look at these screenshots from GamePro.

    This is good information for people with ps3 but they left people with psps out since there is no news about Tekken DR online on psp :|

    Info found at


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