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Thread: Super Fruit Fall

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    review: (letters in parenthesis are written by me)

    The objective of Super Fruitfall is to eliminate every piece of fruit by moving them around a puzzle grid until they become grouped together ( :sigh: )

    The fruit can only be moved by rotating the play area in one of three ways (im not suprised at all :paranoid: )

    The strategy is in using your brain to employ the most-effective way to get the fruit to fall and special bonuses are awarded for spectacular combinations. (hurray)

    Sounds simple, eh? – Just you wait! The game uses an uncomplicated control system that opens the game-up to the whole family (now i gotta confess that impressed)

    plus offers players the ability to go head-to-head and compete in an exciting two-player mode. (why the hell i'd do that)

    Anyone played this game? if i'd buy the umd,i think i'd sit in an empty corner and cry by myself

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    This redifines the meaning of "gay".
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