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Thread: FFVII CC Menu Translation

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    Thought we could start a new thread with translations of menus and gameplay.
    Hopefully we can add more as we all start to play through. Thanks to SSJSubgeta for these:

    Here is some stuff I translated and some Guides for some on-screen stuff. If you have any questions PM me or Post here.
    I will do my best to translate as much as I can. But until someone comes up with an app to apply the patches I wont be able to
    translate that much.

    Main Menu

    Item Menu

    Item Menu Sort Options

    Equipment Menu

    Equipment Menu Sort Options

    Materia Menu

    Materia Menu Sort Options

    The rest of the screens are pretty much self explanatory but if need be later on I will translate them.

    Thanks to SSJSubgeta for those translations and pics.

    Here is the Materia Translation I got off Crisis
    Posted by Schala-Kitty


    ファイア - Fira
    ファイガ - Firaga
    ダークファイア - Dark Fire
    ヘルファイア - Hell Fire
    ブリザド - Blizzard
    ブリザガ - Blizzaga
    サンダー - Thunder
    サンダガ - Thundaga
    3連サンダガ - Triple Thunder
    ケアル - Cure
    ウォール - Wall
    バリア - Barrier
    グラバデ - Gravity/Demi
    スカイサイレス - Sky Silence(?)
    マバリア - M-Barrier
    デスペル - Dispel
    ドレイン - Drain
    アスピル - Asipir/Osmose(?)
    れんぞくま - Multi Magic
    フレア - Flare
    エナジー - Energy
    アルテマ - Ultima


    盗む - Steal
    ジャンプ - Jump
    ゴブリンパンチ - Goblin Punch
    回転攻撃 - Spinning Strike
    爆裂剣 - Blast Sword
    パワーアタック - Power Attack
    急所斬り - Achilles' Heel
    属性攻撃 - Elemental Attack
    ふきとばし - Knock Out
    ハイジャンプ - High Jump
    ポイズン剣 - Poisonblade
    死の剣 - Deathblade
    ダッシュ - Dash
    ライブラ - Libra/Scan


    HPアップ - HP up
    MPアップ - MP up
    力アップ - Strength Up
    APアップ - AP Up
    体力アップ - Vitality Up
    精神アップ - Spirit Up
    アイテム達人 - Item Master


    バハムート - Bahamut
    オーディン - Odin
    フェニックス - Phoenix
    イフリート - Ifrit  
    トンベリ - Tonberry
    サボテンダー - Cactuar
    チョコボ - Chocobo


    回転攻撃 + ブリザド + 1340 SP = 魔法剣ブリザド - Magic Sword Blizzard (command)
    回転攻撃 + サンダー + 1340 SP = 魔法剣サンダー - Magic Sword Thunder (command)

    How the DMW works (taken from GameFaqs):

    OK, the DMW on the top left runs on its own, with no input from you. You can't speed it up, you can't make it stop. As it runs it slowly uses up SP, but unless you're making a materia a minute, you'll never ever have a SP problem.

    In battle, the numbers on the DMW will have the following effects:
    (* = any number)

    77* - Unlimited AP/MP
    7*7 - Immune to physical damage
    *77 - Immune to magical damage
    7** - Unlimited AP
    *7* - Unlimited MP
    **7 - Put in the "Endure" status (no recoil from being attacked)

    777 - Take no damage from anything (Invincible status)
    666 - All hits deal critical damage (Critical status)
    555 - Immune to physical damage
    444 - Unlimited AP
    333 - Immune to magical damage
    222 - Unlimited MP
    111 - Take no damage from anything (Invincible status)

    Note that all effects are temporary, and "unlimited" means that the MP/AP bar doesn't count down while the status is in effect.

    if the faces on the left and right of the DMW bar are the same, you'll enter Reach Mode. This is where you can get Limit Breaks and character development.
    The chances of reaching Reach Mode rise as Zack's limit bar gets higher.

    In Reach Mode, if all three faces are the same, you'll get a Limit Break. Which one you get is determined by which faces you line up. If you line up three silhouettes (i.e. you haven't met the character yet), you get a simple high-damage attack.
    If a memory is displayed, the chance of getting three faces increases.

    In Reach Mode, the numbers act independently of the faces. Whether or not you get three matching face, certain number combinations trigger development.

    If you get 777, you level up.
    If you get two matching numbers, the materia in that slot levels up. If you get three matching numbers, that materia goes up 2 levels.

    For example, if you get Reach Mode, and get three Tseng faces with 442 and you have Cure equipped in the fourth slot, it will level up and you will use the Air Strike Limit Break.

    Reach Mode can also spontaneously switch into a summon bar. I'm not sure if there's any pattern to that.
    There's also 5 levels of the Limit Breaks, and which one is used also seems to be random.

    In game here are notes Ive taken so far:

    The first spot I got stuck at was at the first save point. You need to hit triangle at the save point then chose the mission
    which is now available. After the mission you receive an item from the lockers. Then you can go out of this room, talk to
    the guy at the computer and move on in the game.

    After defeating Bahamut the first time I was stuck in Shinra HQ not sure where to go. Figured it out.
    Head over to the elevators, and choose the second to last option. you'll ride the elevator down to where sephiroth is waiting.

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    cool next hr and i can try this out :D
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    How do you exactly level Zack up and what are Sp good for?

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    nice thank you.

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    nice :mrgreenthumbsup:

    Δεν θέλω τα όνειρά τους για μένα

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    when is the american version out?
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    Next March Supposedly

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    Were those photo shopped or is there a game translator?

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    I'm working on it! :twisted: But I'm having troubleshooting problems :idea:

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    I got a materia after beating Bahamut but not sure where it went. It looked red when I picked it up but I dont see it in the inventory.

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