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Thread: Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Translation

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    Title: Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core
    System: Sony Playstation Portable
    Language: Japanese to English
    Spoilers: YES

    Chapter 1: Enter Zack

    Broadcast: Shinra Train number nine three Shiki-maru-ni (?) Wutai wall is closing. The train is heading towards Midgard section Eight. Soliders will be entering now, they will make an attempt at stopping the train. No problems so far. Match the clock 3 2 1 Mark! Mission start! Solider is prepared to land.
    Angelu: The train is taken over by Wutai group. Quickly remove them and recapture the train.
    Zack: Ro~ge~rrrr!
    Angelis: Do it seriously!!!

    Zack jumps on the train.

    Angelu: Zack! Zack Concentrate! There aren't any soliders from Shinra on this train, you understand?

    Zack goes forward on the train and gets shot a couple times

    Zack: Your hands are very strong aren't they (kondelu)

    Zack continues running

    Zack: Welcome!
    Zack: Solider 2nd Class, Zack now entering the scene!!!!

    Zack disconnects part of the train

    Broadcast: Train series number Nine-three Shiki maru ni is now entering the closest station (can't understand the rest).

    Zack jumps off the train and moves forward

    End Chapter 1

    Chapter 2: Hold your Dreams

    Zack is walking and his phone rings.

    Zack: This is Zack
    Angelu: Zack, you made it?
    Zack: Angelu, what's going on? Shinra soliders are the enemy.
    Angelu: Those guys are Wutai groups disguised. Now, next part is heading up towards an open space (hiloba)
    Zack: In the direction of section number eight right.
    Angelu: Yeah. But before that you need to break through (tosuba) a railroad first (eki)
    Zack: By breakthrough you mean?
    Angelu: You'll know soon enough, don't let down your guard (nuku).
    Zack: ... I just need to get through right?
    Angelu: Don't go past that point.
    Zack: Well without reserves (enryu).

    *Battle Begins
    *After the battle

    Angelu: that was fairly well, I guess.
    Zack: Relax, relax, With this, 1st is pretty close.
    Angelu: Head to an open space by to going up the stairs deep in the homes.
    Zack: Rog~~ger!

    Zack runs up the stairs and proceeds and encounters a Behemoth. He fights it.
    After the fight. Someone sneaks behind Zack and draws their sword to his face

    ????: To show your back to an enemy-----A lot of self confidence for a fool.
    Zack turns and sees...Sephiroth!

    Zack: Wh...Why----

    Sword fight begins

    Zack: Damn it! I'm going to become a hero!
    Sephiroth: It's over

    Zack's swords breaks and he falls down

    Angelu: Impossible!

    Angelu runs
    Sephiroth is about to stab Zack but is saved by Angelu

    Zack: As excepted of Angelu

    Angelu: Abort Mission!
    Zack: Why! Gasp! Are you serious---- From here on is my (misema) chance!
    Angelu: Zack! Hold your dreams
    Zack: Huh?
    Angelu: If you want to become a hero, hold your dreams. And your pride.
    Zack: Sure

    End Chapter 2

    Chapter 3: The missing Soldiers

    Zack is excercising in the Shinra building

    Kanselu: Zack your pretty impatient about this aren't you
    Zack: Obviously, it's been nothing but drills, there is no field. It's a matter of if I'm being held back. It's been busy lately right? And everyone has been absent.
    Kanselu: Huh? Absent---- you don't know? Solider's Big Missing Case
    Kanselu: A person from 1st disappeared. From Wutai's place 2nd and 3rd quickly followed. Reason, how, nothing is known. Because the people from Solider are missing you suddenly became important (?)

    Angelu walks in

    Kanselu: oh, it's mister 1st.
    Angelu: Zack it's a job
    Zack: ohhhh! Thankful! It's been a while since an actual battle mission.
    Angelu: Yeah, your the leading part
    Zack: YES!
    Angelu: come to Lazard's room. Details will be explained there.

    Angelu walks away. Zack enters Lazard's room

    Lazard: Zack, this is the first time we've talked like this. Lazard of Soldier Supervisior.
    zack: Nice to meet you.
    Lazard: It's fast but---Soldier First Class Gensis. One month ago, in a Wutai movement operation he ment missing. Do you know anything?
    Zack: Nothing at all.
    Lazard: Our operation has ended up stopping because of this. So we need to have you go there.
    Zack: You Wutai?
    Angelu: Yeah to end this war that has gone on for too long.
    Angelu: I left a recommendation for you to become first.
    Zack: Aaaah! A-----Ge------Lu!!!! I love you Angelu!
    Angelu: Don't shame me got it
    Zack: YES!
    Angelu: Preparations won't be done, we head out immediately.
    Angelu: Wutai has a ??? that's when we start the mission. If you still don't understand something, ask the Soldier over there now.
    Kanselu: Leave it to me, I'll tell you anything. First, what you want to remember is about fighting. I think you got the idea in Training, but I sent you a mail on how to fight just in case.
    Why not read that now.

    Zack reads the mail

    Kanselu: How is it? Did you read the mail?
    Kanselu: It's Zack so I'm sure you'll forget (???).
    Zack: ....that's not going to happen.
    Kanselu: well, even if you forget you can read it. I'm sure it'll come in handy. Oh and, the materia you were just using in training, it looks like it's been returned (???). You have to find strong materia yourself, that's the Soldier way. On top of which, there's something you can't forget, it's about that thing called "Mission." If you want to say, it's sent from the Shinra company, a "job" if you want to call it that. If you want to take a mission, you have to report to the mission bot.

    Tutorial continues, it's not that important
    Zack reports to the mission bot and goes to the save point to take a mission

    End Chapter 3

    Chapter 4: Stupid Apple

    Kanselu: Well done, I guess it's mission clear huh?
    Zack: It was so easy I was yawning!
    Kanselu: Hahaha, as expected of Zack. I'll be participating in the mission in Wutai (???). Oh yeah, I was forgetting something important.

    Kanselu goes and explains about the Pot at the side of the room, you can get items from it. You should check it often.
    Zack goes to the pot and gets a Bronze Bangle.

    Kanselu: Alright, looks like preparations are complete. I'll tell you everything else by mail. I just sent you a mail for the mission. Just between us Soldiers, let's keep trading mail. Lazard's most thankful stories (?), Shinra news and stuff can be sent through mail. You should check it often. On top of which, mail from your friends.
    Kanselu: But don't just check for mail from girls. Well, that's about it, it's about time to depart. You're going with Angelu aren't you, good luck, friend (?).
    Zack: Hey! Thanks for telling me all this.

    Zack goes back to Lazard's room after doing save, and talks to Angelu.

    Angelu: It's time to head to Wutai, are you done preparing?

    *Let's see, preparations for departing...
    All done!
    Not yet!

    Lazard: I'll be going with you on this mission as well. I have high hopes in you.
    Zack: Yes!
    Lazard: By the way, your dream is? "To become first" right?
    Zack: No--- I'm going to become a hero.
    Lazard: I see, a good unfulfillable dream.
    Zack: Eh, hello?

    Wutai Danbuline Mountain

    Angelu: If we go straight from here, we'll reach Dunbuline fortress. Let's hurry, Group B is moving according to a map. (???)
    Wutai Soldier: You two there! who are you!
    Zack: Leave it all to me!

    After the battle.

    Zack: Alright, next!
    Angelu: Don't rush it, Zack.
    Zack: Impossible impossible????).
    Zack: Supervisor, you watching from somewhere weren't you? Anyway we need to do the mission. (?)
    Angelu: Zack----Do you know about Stupid Apple?
    Zack: What's that?
    Angelu: Amazing--to not know about Stupid Apple. At this rate, becoming first is completely unreasonable.
    Zack: hey, wait! What is a Stupid Apple!!!!!???

    Zack continues down the path

    Zack: Ange~~~lu! What's a Stupid Apple!
    Angelu: Offical name Banora White, it grows very well during a part of the year. Outside the village, pass the field (?), we call it Stupid Apple. The apples grew a lot, it was like a buffet (?).
    Zack: You're full of it, a good thief huh.
    Angelu: It was for a reason.
    Zack: You're just saying that.
    Angelu: However, even that "me" had pride. In the mayor's house, there was the largest tree. There were stories that, those apples were the best tasting, however----I couldn't steal it. Because the mayor's son was a friend of mine.
    Zack: If he was a friend, then you could just ask to eat.
    Angelu: Pride is something that is often troublesome.
    Zack: and? What does this have to do with being a 1st?
    Angelu: If you know, there isn't.

    Angelu walks away laughing.

    Zack: It had nothing to do with it, didn't it! It's not a laughing matter!

    End Chapter 4

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    WOW so no one cares??

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    No; I care; personally I think thats awesome. I justs didnt really see any point in responding to the thread. Sorry. But do keep up the work?
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    lol is not that they dont i think its more that we all passed there already and is alot further in the game, but good work :mrgreenthumbsup:
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    OOOOOOO DO MORE, TRANSLATE MORE!! ure awesome man!!

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    AMAZING!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!:P:P:P:P:P:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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    great job! keep it up

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    Nice job bro. I really haven't a clue on what the characters were saying.
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    wtb patch
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    awsome i got to the save point and stopped playing to read this to understand exactly whats going on so far. this is sweet.

    I cant wait for either the font hack or the english version.

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