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Thread: SP One Games on PSP

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    what i`ve got to do with a SP One CD game to put it on my MS DUO PRO and play on the PSP

    do i need a some kind of converter to make the game run on the PSP

    i`m on PSP FW 3.40 OE A

    10x in advance !!!!!

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    so syphon filter from the psone to play on your psp :)

    you need zingaburga his popstation gui that converts your playstation image to eboot...
    create your image with clonecd and then convert it with zinga's popstation gui. it can be found here on the board or google it.

    make sure to tick the convert pal to ntsc if you have a pal version.

    after that place it into psp\game\(map with the name of the game\

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