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Thread: MGS: PO+ - Camoflauge Farming

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    Password: psphacks
    Server: Solid Snake


    -Bring any soldiers you wish.
    -1 ticket TDMs
    -10 rounds to win
    -Banned weapons: Shotguns, Stealth

    For the love of God, don't go for last-second pickings. If someone is killed, don't try to hunt out for other players to make kills before the match loads as finished. If they are unable to white flag or fulton before the game "ends" (yes, I've seen situations where it is completely impossible), their soldier is captured, and they don't get it back.

    I'll be kicking people who do this, because this is supposed to be mutual, just battling to get the points as normal.


    -Begin the round as normal. Go for kills like a normal game.
    -When a player is down, fulton or white flag immediately.
    -All other players cease fire, match is over, winners get post-match rewards.

    The theory behind this is that you obtain 10 points for being on the winning team at the end. Since rounds only require 1 kill to finish, they go by quickly. 10 points by the minute.

    At the end of each round, you are awarded soldiers based on your score. Because the matches consist of 10 rounds, you will receive lots of soldiers by the end. The winning team all walks out with 10 new soldiers every match.

    In addition, TDMs have cumulative points. This being, you keep your points every round. Your rewards still take place as if you gained all of those points in one round. Now, imagine when you have 70 points at the end of round 7. You gain a pretty decent soldier. Now when you win the next round, you rewards exist as if you gained 80 points in one round. You get another good soldier. Round 9, you get a good soldier as if you had 90 points, as so forth. Imagine how easily you'll obtain camos and other rare soldiers (female Ocelots, GRUs, KGBs) because of this.

    You must also realize that this is not statboosting. The game is played on a fair level, and is used to a benefit, but you are not intentionally letting other players boost their score, hence it not being classified as statboosting. It's all fair game, and the better players reap the benefits, or rather, the better team.

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    Well , i think what you said is about how to get other soldiers if i am right..
    But anyway, the game will be hacked/cheated by some nerds who will develop an aimbot or something like that
    I particually hate the headshot feature in MetalGearPO..
    Like the first one , peopple will have hacked characters with overwhelming stats and it isnt fun in multiplayer...

    Sorry . but i want to kill these people who hacking the game in online , it isnt fun
    Always wanted to play a new Mario platform ?
    Always wanted to play FF series harder , longer ?

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    in b4 people using cwcheat

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    Yeah just friggen hate it.
    Butcher Of Bitches

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    Do u possibly lose soldiers if u do it EXACTLY the way you said?

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