heej, i love tntp2 and i want to make an editor someday :paranoid: **hope so***
but i wanted to hack it first or mod it to modify songs.. i know the data.bin contains all data and
i found data_info.bin which contains all the offsets of data.bin and descriptsions:twothumbs: VERY HELPFULL..
but the offsets are not in decimal or hex they are in weird icons, maybe could someone help me out PLZ
offsets :: data_info.bin 85kb (i only show a few because the file is big its useless to show them all) i think these are offsets...:rolleyes:

enso/dancer_data_1p_000 F6  {
enso/dancer_data_1p_001 6 @ a
enso/dancer_data_1p_002 "7 n
enso/dancer_data_1p_003 7 
enso/dancer_data_1p_004 8 
enso/dancer_data_1p_005 Z9 i
enso/dancer_data_1p_006 *: 
enso/dancer_data_1p_007 ;  
enso/dancer_data_1p_008 9< Y
enso/dancer_data_1p_009 2=  L
enso/dancer_data_1p_010 ~> 

minigame_balloon_bgm w R
minigame_kioku_single !  
plz someone help me out :mrgreenthumbsup: