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Thread: Question bout FF7

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    ive got a major question about FFVII

    basically im up to the first time(near end of disc 1) i get to forgotten city and i acidentally didnt do the part where u kill Jenova life (the second time). I just skipped to the gaea's cliff part and i am doing the story from there. Im still on disc1 but im doing all the events that should be done on the second disc. Will this screw up my game?

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    wait.. how did you just "accidently skipped" fighting Jenova Life? That's a mandatory boss battle right after Aeris dies.
    and it might mess up your game in the future...

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    I'm sorta new here but regardless, I don't think it will, since all of the playable portions of FFVII are on all 3 discs, but its the FMV's that require additional discs.

    So unless you want to see, I think zero FMV's (I haven't played the game like that so I am not sure) then you might want to switch discs.

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