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Thread: Updated Emulators/ Dumpers.

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    Is there anyone making updated emulators for the newer versions of Fw like 3.80 and higher? Will we always have user created mods such as the Psp Dumper and the Emulators on older versons that always require us to downgrade? Or will we see updated versions in the future of those programs?

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    If you want to dump a UMD to HDD you can just use the VSH menu or go into recovery and dump the UMD from there. You may find that most emulators come with a 1.0 folder aswell as a 1.5 folder, use the 1.0 folder and place its contents in your GAME380/390 folder unless of course the homebrew was made for 3.80/3.90 CFW then you should see its respective folder.

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