R-Type tactics (full game) has an opening game screen that starts in English (press start, now loading, etc.).

However, as soon as we get past that, the game configuration (where you select your ships, options, etc.) are all in Japanese (I'm assuming).

I'm not able to navigate through the game - I tried my best but got stuck about 5 or 6 screens in for the ships/options/config.

I'm assuming this is a common issue for games that default to a language from a different region. Is there a particular method to find the select options screen, and possibly (if available) switch to English?

Much appreciated. :)

Edit: I've found a "translation guide" on another form via Google
, but you've got to constantly refer to it, making for... not a huge chore...but it certainly detracts from the overall experience.

A menu language change option would be great, but if it's not available, oh well.

For those who have the game, here's the link to the translator...