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Thread: Trouble stealing bases with MLB 08

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    I have a man on 3rd and 1st. The CPU pitcher screws up and throws a wild pitch that leads the catcher chasing for it. I want to move the man on 1st up to 2nd base. How do I do this?

    What I do is I press L and the O (representing the 1st base) to move him. But what happens is the man on 1st and 3rd move which causes the man on 3rd to go towards home plate and gets out. I dont want that. I just want to move the man on 1st. I want to know how to move individual players.

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    r u using the "new" baserunner controls? L and R are for all baserunners at the same time.

    what u have to do is move the analog stick to the direction of the baserunner (ie right for 1b) then press TRIANGLE to move him to second. SQUARE for third etc.

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