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Thread: Anyone want the Manual for Initial D: street stage??

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    hey guys, this is my first "real" post on this site, so first and foremost i want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me out. i also want to try and give something back to the community. i don't have much, but this was kinda hard for me to find so i upped it to megaupload. it is some good scans of the Initial D: street stage JAP/ENG manual. i found em on some forum, i don't remember where. i cropped the jpegs and renamed them according to the info on the pages, then i converted them all to a pdf file. both versions are included in the d/l, so you can choose how you view it. so there it is, like i said its not much but i hope it helps someone out. :twothumbs:

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    great! thanks!


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