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Thread: Will NBA Live get it right this time around?

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    This is the trailer for NBA Live 09

    But with NBA Live 08, the PS3 version was drastically different from the PSP version. The PS3 version looked good and well the PSP version looked like a SNES game. I wonder if they will improve it. I've played a lot of games on PSP where the graphics were top notch so I think the system has the capabilities for a far better NBA live game.

    I mean at least be on the level of NBA 08 The Life (now that game had great graphics).

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    Hi freshhiphopm. I see you've put alot of anticipation into this. Well, let me put it as forthcoming as I can for you.

    For the handhelds, EA sports usually just gives us updated rosters. Look at Fifa 07, Fifa 08, Euro. There're all running on the same damn F*in engine. Yes. It's a base engine with a tweak making them lazy!

    NBA live 06,07,08 was largely similar, the graphics and gameplay barely acceptable. I would say it's better playing it on the ps3 or xbox360. That's where all their $ is in.

    But yea, if you were on a next gen platform. Forget about live 09. Think NBA 2k9. 2k sports has always been better because you can see that they bother to give you an all round NBA experience. A very dedicated amount of content such as you can play street basketball, the normal 5 on 5, 3 on 3. So many modes even up to now, I haven't even finished testing out all of them.
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    I am hoping 09 is better than 08, but like Kyo said, its going to be the same engine with updated rosters. I'll still probably download it.

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