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    Hey this is kinda a request. I was wondering if there is(or if someone could program), a homebrew app for the people who are still in school. What it would be is a flashcard app, where you can either edit the cards making individual ones and writing on the back as well(a virtual deck). And then save the deck for later study or refrence. So you could have multiple decks at once like let's say a spanish, history, and english deck. The functions would be shuffle, choose different decks, next card, flip card(probably use L for shuffle and R for flip), and have a function to mix decks. I thought this would be a really good app to make or have so that instead of having a bunch of decks you can just have all of them on your psp ms. It would be called (Virtual Flash Cards). So any ideas on how I would go about getting, making the app myself(I know some programming but having looked at the development tutorials as much), or having someone make it as a homebrew app on the psp.

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    This should probably get moved to homebrew section or something, but I agree that this would be a very helpful yet simple homebrew idea. Unfortunately, I am no programmer so I cannot help you there :(

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