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Thread: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

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    I didnt see any topics of this on the first few pages so I figured I would add one.

    I honestly believe right now, this will be hands down the single best thing about the psp, ever.
    I dont care if this will require me to upgrade my psp off custom frimware just to play this I will.

    The first 2 KH's on playstation were amazing. People who never played poke fun at a disney game and yes honestly it is a bit silly and yes the actual disney story lines are a little cheesy. But the main storyline is so amazing. Even the GBA psp game was sweet. I absolutely hated the gameplay of it yet I played for the story line!

    And with the end priviews on KH2 the story is only going to get more intense. I will be honest, I have absolutely know idea where all the new characters come from etc etc, or how it even connects to the main plot what so ever, but I am certain it will be epic.

    Whats everyones opinions of the subject and series?

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